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Carmel Ca Oct. 2003

Carmel Ca Oct. 2003

Cindy & Girls - Monterey 2002

Little Friends - Big Dreams
Monterey Penninsula

Chris and Eagle Scout Brendan Mohan

On November 22nd, 2003, my wife and I attended a concert at
the beautiful Waterloo Village in Stanhope, New Jersey. The
concert featured none other than Christopher Westfall. I had
never heard Chris before. Well, needless to say, we were blown
away. To hear Chris' music for the first time and to hear it live
made for an enjoyable evening. I hope that Chris goes far with
his music. Thousands more need to hear this singer-songwriter.
When they do, they're in for a real treat."
~Dan Hollis, WRNJ Radio Hackettstown, NJ.

"Christopher Westfall is a gifted writer, musician and vocalist.
His presence is charming and he maintains a soothing quality
with his performance. We really enjoyed his music. We all were
singing with him due to his interactive ability to bring his
audience into his music. I highly recommend him as an
entertainer and would have him back for future engagements."
~Gina Puccinelli, Hyatt Corporation, Monterey, CA.

"Christopher Westfall presents music which spans the spectrum
from the contemplative to the hilarious. With disciplined
musicianship, polished vocals, and a warm personable stage
presence,Chris brings the audience an engrossing musical
experience which touches various emotional levels. Chris first
appeared at our venue in May 2002. Since that time, we have
had more audience requests for the return of Christopher than
any other artist."

~Mike Manton,Gwynedd Friends Coffeehouse, Gwynedd, PA

"Chris, thanks for your excellent appearance at last Saturday's
show. Your performance was masterful and you genuinely
impressed the crowd. This might be forward of me and
somewhat in the future, but we would love to book you for a
return engagement. Thanks again for a great evening."
~John Irving, TV 30 Cafe Improv Princeton, NJ.

"Wit...humor....sparkling personality....and he sings like an angel.
He's welcome back here!"
~Bob Stane Coffee Gallery Backstage Altadena, California

"Singing along with him just makes my heart sing"
~BJ Huessler, Indiana

"Chris......I've listened to your CD twenty times now. It's truly
one of my favorites. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a
CD this much. Not just blowing smoke my friend. This is from
the depths of my musical being."
~Tim Dabbs, Johnstown, PA

" I write this, I am listening to the new CD. I must tell
you I have been waiting seven years for this. It is superb. It just
had to be. You are singing wonderfully with beautiful
arrangements. You"done good" kiddo! Thanks for the
wonderful music."

~Charlie White, Bradenton, FL

"Folk singers are like eagles. They never flock. You find them
one at a time. It's time for a new singer to emerge in American
music. We are so ready. Do you know the candidate? I do."
~Bruce Hodges, WBRJ 98.1 Blue Ridge Country Galax, VA

"We played your new CD last night. We were all so very
impressed with your voice. The instrumentals weren't too
shabby either! I understand that you wrote a lot of your own
songs...... that's where it's at! Keep playing!"
~Kathy Clark, Winston-Salem, NC

"You know a CD is awesome when the songs are playing in
your head long after you've turned the CD player off. That's
how I feel about Chris Westfall's new release, "I'm Coming
~Natalie Ferry, Princeton, NJ

"He fills the room with the magic of his music and the warmth of
his personality. His song "I'm Coming Home" is fabulous. We
love it and we can't wait to hear him play it live again. Thanks
for a great concert"

~Mark and Judy Silver, Arizona

"I really enjoy his own compositions. Seems everyone of his
(songs that) I hear, I like."
~Karen Gawlik, New Jersey

"I spent the morning with Christopher's CD. He is really good.
Exceptional. Chris really has an effect on me. Listening to
Calypso, it is clear how difficult that song is to sing. Chris is so
good on all the others, but Calypso is the weakest. I would,
however, consider Chris to be an incredible talent."
~Dane Rogers, Oregon

"May 2001 (was) my first Chris Westfall Experience and
now ... I am hooked. I"m looking forward to seeing all Chris'
devoted fans again."
~Cathy Medora, Pennsylvania

"Listeners are immediately taken by the clear and strong voice.
I like the way he sings. He uses his voice like an instrument,
to play the gentle melody, phrasing the words the way they
ought to be, thereby hitting every note, even the highest ones...
Chris" tribute song "No Difference" is worth being a tribute to
one of the finest songwriters of all times."
~Jochen Michalak, Germany

"Christopher Westfall is the definition of great talent... one of
THE best anywhere. With an incredibly superb voice and great
guitar work, Christopher delivers the music to your soul. Chris
is one in a million."
~Judy Therrien, California

"The first time Chris visited us we borrowed a guitar from a
neighbor. We sat in the living room and Chris started singing
and we just couldn't believe his voice. Such a beautiful and
alive sound!"
~Brian and Joyce Granville, California

"When Chris started to sing, I got that tingling feeling up and
down my arms and legs right away... this always happens to
me when I hear something that is truly beautiful ... something
that really touches me."
~Brenda Boyd-Whalen, Connecticut

"Chris is so centered, his performance so clear, his voice so gorgeous and so full of compassion, and his presence so amazing. You feel and live every word. Every one of Chris's original compositions will reach deep inside you. You long to hear them again and again. I am eager for the day when I can turn on the radio and hear Chris singing-I know that day will come."
~Cindy Donaldson, New Jersey

"I love to see Chris perform! Lots of singers can sing with their mouth, but Chris truly sings with his heart."
~Ann Curry, California

"I must tell you that once Chris took the stage, there was an immediate difference in the entire aura of the day. The audience came alive with clapping and singing. It was just great. Chris will be hearing from me. Truly great. Chris was like a light that lit up the darkness at the end of the day. Thanks Chris."
~Joanne Smith, New York

"Wow. What a performance. Awesome. This guy is the real deal folks-a true singer songwriter. Rare indeed. Genuine. What a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for sharing Chris"
~Denise Krause, New Jersey

"I met Chris in Aspen in October 2002. His kindness, his humanity and especially his voice impressed me at once. His album "Kindred Spirits" is a treat to listen to and "No Difference" is a wonderful song."
~Albert Lacruz, Spain

"Wow......Chris' voice is natural spring water....refreshing."
~Larry Cutrone, New Jersey

"Wow, what an amazing performer. When he sits at the piano, that Chris Westfall, I tell you what..."
~June Cooper, Colorado

"Whoa. What an engaging performer. You will be moved by this guy. I just can't seem to put my finger on it, but he has it...Factor X...he's got it...a rare quality nowadays. Charming. Worth the trip. Keep your eye on this guy. He has it."
~Anne Lipke, Texas

"We so enjoyed meeting and listening to you. You totally enchanted us with your beautiful voice and heartfelt songs. Count us in as your new fans. Perhaps, we can get you to the Jersey Shore!"
~Nancy and Steve Voitko, NJ

"Chris, I was blown away with "I'm Coming Home." I found tears in my eyes as I listened. You sing so beautifully. I found myself filled with emotion. Every year, I find myself longing to hear new songs....songs with lyrics that have meaning beyond words....songs that speak to the soul. As I listened to you sing, the tears welled up inside me as you were singing such a song. The resonance in your voice is amazing. It speaks to the heart. Thank you my friend. Thank you, Chris"
~Dennis Ducey, Oregon

"Hey Chris! Thanks for a great show. My wife and I really enjoy your music. We look for great live music around town--you're it! I've never heard a twelve string sound like that before. Awesome. You're a terrific entertainer! Thanks for holding true to the music and your dedicated audience. We're with you all the way!"
~Donald Greist, New Jersey

"Chris, I was at your concert Friday. I sang along with you the whole night! You had my whole family singing, even my sister! Amazing. When you sang "Give Yourself to Love," I was touched. Actually, I cried through the whole song. Thanks for your time and music. Can't wait for the next CD...two is not enough!"
~Kathy Kaminsky, New York

" was interesting to see you in are an entertainer, not just a performer...I can tell you love what you do when you are up there. Hope to catch up with you again in the future."
~Stan Cohen, New Jersey

"Chris, I ordered your CD a few weeks ago. I have heard so much about you. I was curious to hear what you sounded like. OH MY GOD!!! I was stopped in my tracks. I could not believe your voice and guitar. Then, I learned that you are a piano player too! I am amazed and stunned. No wonder people are talking a LOT about your music! I just want you to know how much we like your music. PLEASE make another CD. I will be in line to buy it."
~Julie Ponchak, New Mexico

"Experiencing the music of Chris Westfall is like taking a journey to your soul with the power of his tenor voice leading you there. He captivates his audiences with his genuine personality. His performance is distinct and unique."
~Cindy Dickson, New York

"Mr. Westfall, This letter is to thank you for the performance that you held at Manzanita House. We thought you did a TERIFFIC job and wanted to let you know that. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and entertain here and for making a difference in our lives. We all wish to applaud you for a great performance and for a really good time. We hope to have you again soon. Thank you, Chris. Thank you so very, very much."
~Manzanita House, California

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